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Our Work

We started working with CareLink Communications because we were having trouble getting our website up and running. We had worked with a graphic design company for the layout, but were at a standstill when it came to content.  The website was close to done, but we were having trouble getting it into a finished format.  We were busy running our business, and didn’t have the time to devote to the detail that finishing the website required. Lucky for us, we found CareLink.  Bobbi took on the task of editing and re-writing some of our copy.  She worked on formatting the information so that it was more readable, and found photos that worked great with our theme.  The photos even complimented our logo!  Within days of connecting with CareLink, our website was ready to launch. Harbor Light Software Now we have a contract with CareLink to provide marketing support.  They are quick to respond, and ready with marketing solutions for our growing company.  Fran Karp, Harbor Light Software
Harbor Light Software