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Trade Show Flyer

Our client, Harbor Light, eFin from Printer copyintroduced a new product, the eFin Logbook, aimed at recreational fishermen. This app was an electronic version of the fisherman’s traditional paper logbook which they used to record trip and catch information.  Our job was to highlight the product features, and make it clear that this product worked on a smartphone or tablet. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we captured the app working on a smartphone that was being held in the palm of a hand. We were able to illustrate all of the client’s requirements on a 5″x8″ printed piece that was perfect for distribution at  trade show.  The response to their innovative product was overwhelming…we were happy to be part of their success! Click on the picture to see the results, and contact Harbor Light if you would like the eFin Logbook for your next fishing trip! Harbor Light
eFin Logbook - Promotional Flyer Harbor Light Software